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Our Story: Learn from the Past. Honor the Present. Realize the Future

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

As a kid growing up in Germany, I experienced a lot of great, (extremely fresh!) and diverse meats. Seemed natural to for me to learn how to cook. I had ambition to be the best, and as popular as my childhood culinary hero, Justin Wilson.

2018 Beltway Barbecue Showdown where Bourbon Boar Barbecue won the crowd prize "Sauce Boss" in their first bbq competition.

"Past Forward"

Each summer, we’d visit the states to see my family in the Midwest. I especially liked visiting my grandmother on my father’s side. She was always making something good. It didn’t take long before that Cajun chef had stiff competition. More than Justin, I really wanted to barbecue like grandma. Everyone knew she was the best cook and the best “pitmaster” in town. Her custom-made pit was a work of art! Watching my grandmother cook varieties of meat like ribs, chicken and brisket allowed me to sit back and observe different spice rubs, woods and smoking techniques. Between all of the smoked and grilled meat, that was “cued” to perfection, my grandmother stoked the flame of desire in me to do just as she did, but more.

Realizing My Future

Thirty years later, I get my shot at being the pitmaster. I have the privilege to put all of those years of learning from Justin Wilson, Grandma, and so many others like barbecue great

"Mr. Andy", to work and out to the public. On top of that, my wife, a really good home chef and the person always introducing me to new vegetables, spice combinations, sauces, and sweets, helps make my passion a service that I know people will enjoy with family, friends and co-workers.

We do it old school: no preservatives, no shortcuts and no prepackaged... it’s all love, long hours tending to "the pit", and little-to-no sleep!

Bourbon Boar Barbecue takes great pride in serving you authentic, distinctly flavorful, hardwood-smoked and grilled barbecue as well as traditional and world-inspired dishes. That dedication to our craft continually inspires our slogan: “Savory sophistication that smokes”.

So, here we are… we can’t wait to serve you!


Pitmaster/Owner, Bourbon Boar Barbecue

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